And it’s always only good vibes

Effortless, like you ain’t even tryin’

Got my smile spread kilos wide

Got my head in that good mind

Ready set

We smoke up to that real high

Keep it real

Yeah there comes a time

To see shit’s only real in the sun’s eye

Look at you under that sky light

Stripped down, nothing to hide

White edged glow

Like you’re soaked in dry ice

Sub zero

Gripping me at the waistline

Got my legs split, divorced thighs

He circulates

then swings it side to side

He hits it hard

He knows he hits it right

Gasps for air in between heavy sighs

A cyclist

He knows how to ride

Put on my helmet

Follow that safety advice

His thrusts be big

Slammed my head thrice

Wall marks

But mark my words

Only felt it twice

Pleasure masks pain

You keep it up

Let me keep up the hype

Imma let you slam it all night.