waves rolling in

in sets

in another universe

maybe I could sing to you

but instead

I’ll say it, preach it

I’ll speak it

all these words

some I don’t know yet

if i mean it

but I feel it

I can’t believe I told you that I love you (haha)

It’s been a MONTH

I haven’t said I love you

and felt it

except the once

like a real I love you

not real

I mean

a romantic I love you

and in love I love you

do I love you?

am I in love with you?

I wasn’t ready to say it

I didn’t expect to say it

words just have a way of

making their way

into the air

in front of your face

and I wish I could have seen my face

the shock that replaced

the calm that you’re always faced with

when you look at my face

you love it when I bite my lip

it’s as if I bit them off when I said it

the words fell down

tried to grab em

but they were gone

they were out

you shrugged it off

not like you didn’t care

but just cause you could see

that I was scared

you told me that you’re scared too

maybe I do love you.



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